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Our Plants

You can buy our plants -

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  P&P only £3.99 - FREE for orders over £200
  P&P only £3.99 - FREE for orders over £200
  P&P only £14.99
  P&P only £19.99
  P&P only £19.99
  P&P only £19.99
  P&P only £19.99
  P&P only £19.99
  P&P only £19.99
 P&P only £19.99

We have a flat delivery fee of £3.99 per order to the UK & Ireland; so you'll never pay more than £3.99 per shipment. In fact, spend over £200 and delivery is free. For the UK we use Royal Mail or a courier which takes 1-3 days.

For Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, and Netherlands postage is a flat rate of £19.99 per order. For these countries we use courier and a signature may be required. Delivery should take 1-3 days.

We're closed from November and December!

Any problems, just give us a call on 028 93440101 or email

About our plants & nursery

All the plants we sell have been grown here in Ballyrobert (more on that further below). Look! Thats me, Paul, mixing compost. It is fun the first time....

We have our own way of doing things and have stuck with it during the years. It isn't making us rich, but it is keeping us happy. Most of the time. We have a lovely loyal customer base and hope to keep it that way.

Our plants perform (around here anyway).. a bit of a rant...

We think much of the gardening industry puts people off gardening by selling bad, or unsuitable plants. People buy these unsuitable plants, the unsuitable plants die, then people think gardening is difficult, get disillusioned, and give up.

To be honest the nursery industry is not fully to blame for these unsuitable plant scenarios any more than a farmer whose potatoes are sold to serve with ice cream. I (Paul that is) would mostly blame some of the gardening media and the phenomenon of plant breeding rights. Both culprits ultimately just want/need a nice picture and something new to say/sell irrespective of the relevance, practicality, suitability etc etc etc. For example, if another customer asks me about creating a wildflower meadow I am going to do something illegal.......

Over here, we try to walk the walk. All the cultivars we sell have grown and performed well in our own garden, which is an RHS partner garden (meaning quite good). We tend to have a heavy clay soil, lots of rain, and low light conditions; not ideal conditions for many plants according to some textbooks. However over time and with some experimentation we've found some great cultivars (the beauty of having a nursery and a garden). As a result we believe the majority of plants we sell will perform well almost anywhere else in the UK. 

For example: we grow some Eryngium next to Astilbe. Most books/TV shows will tell you one needs dry soil and another needs wet soil. Thus these genus shouldn't grow next to each other. However, we trial lots and lots of cultivars, not just genus, until we find the ones that do almost anywhere. Even next to each other. We keep them in our garden and sell them here. Darwinian I know, but thats how we do it.

Our plants are low maintenance

The plants we sell are low maintenance. None of them should need to be covered, pampered, taken in, fed compost, fed fertilizer, fed hot chocolate, or spoken too during a bad UK winter.

Almost all our plants are the rarer, more sterile, cultivars and won't propagate much by seed. They are also quite slow growing. Thus they won't turn into weeds and/or take over your garden! Experienced gardeners will know what I'm talking about.

There are only three of us looking after a nursery and 16 acres of grounds - hopefully that is a testament to the robust, low maintenance, nature of the plants we grow and sell! 

New to Gardening?

If you are new to gardening, we have a quick, rough guide to get you started. Click HERE to read it.