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Design and Advice on gardens of any size

The focus of the design and advice aspect of the business is one of horticultural expertise. We believe this is what sets us apart from others.

The easy part of designing a garden is the vision. The hard part is knowing what will grow and where it will grow reliably. What works in a text book or at the Chelsea Flower show might not work in your own particular circumstances. This is where our expertise comes in.


Maurice has vast knowledge and depth of experience in understanding what plants & trees thrive in different conditions.We would like to think our own garden is testament to that. Our range of projects and experience ranges from advice on civic landscapes to designing small personal gardens.

Many of the plants used in the designs are in our garden at Ballyrobert Cottage Garden and are therefore proven performers locally; they can be viewed at first hand. Work can be tailored to specific needs and budget.

Within our Design Service the type of work extends to:-

- site visits
- measuring on site and the drawing of site plans to scale
- sketches and designs to scale
- planting schemes and plant schedules
- supply and sourcing of plants
- laying out of design and plants
- supervision of the work on site

    Within our Advice Service the type of work extends to:-

    - site surveys including plant identification, tree surveys and condition reports
    - plants, including trees and lawns etc, disorder identification/analysis and associated -recommendations and remedies
    - soil assessment and analysis and preparation of drainage plans
    - preparation of formal reports