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Chionochloa conspicua

Chionochloa conspicua



About this cultivar:

Chionochloa conspicua is an alpine tussock which produces huge, feathery flower-heads in summer. Resembles pampas grass, but smaller, more open and airy. Great for cut or dried flowers. Conspicua is derived from the Latin conspicio meaning ‘behold’. Great as a specimen plant or somewhere where you can touch the flowers as you walk by! Tough.

    • Position: Full sun, partial shade
    • Soil: Almost any soil, grows well in Ballyrobert
    • Flowers: June, July, August
    • Other features: Grows well in Ballyrobert
    • Hardiness: H7 - Hardy in the severest European continental climates (< -20°C),
      Fully hardy - grows well in Ballyrobert!
    • Habit: Tufted, Clump forming
    • Foliage: Evergreen
    • Height: 75 - 120 cm (2.5 - 4 ft)
    • Spread: 30 - 60 cm (1 - 2 ft)
    • Time to full growth: 2 to 5 years
    • Plant type: Herbaceous Perennial, Grass like
    • Colour: Yellow, red, green
    • Goes well with: Anything! We often pair it with Kniphofia or Iris.

      About this genus:

      Chionochloa is a genus of tussock grass in the Gramineae or true grasses (Poaceae) family, containing mainly species of grass endemic to New Zealand such as snow tussock and red tussock. Most of the 24 species in the genus grow in clumps, some up to 1.5 m tall. They often have attractively coloured leaves and tall stems bearing panicles of small flowering spikelets in summer.

      The etymological root of the binomial name Chionochloa is derived from the Greek chiono meaning ‘snow’ and khloe meaning ‘young green shoots’.

      Perhaps the toughest of all grasses it grows almost any where and in any place. Use as you like! We often pair it with Kniphofia or Iris.