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Alstroemeria INCA GLOW 'Koglow'

Alstroemeria INCA GLOW 'Koglow'



About this cultivar:

Alstroemeria INCA GLOW 'Koglow' is part of the Inca series of Alstroemeria bred by Könst family and introduced in 2006. The Inca Series Alstoemeria is more compact and mounding than the varieties grown commercially for florists, but the stems are still long enough to cut for bouquets. Not that you'd want to cut them - they look great in the garden!

  • Position: Full sun, partial shade
  • Soil: Almost any soil - grows well in Ballyrobert!
  • Flowers: June, July, August, September
  • Other features: Cut Flowers or Dried Flowers
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy - grows well in Ballyrobert!
  • Habit: Bushy, Clump forming
  • Foliage: Deciduous
  • Height: 30 - 45 cm (1 - 1.5 ft)
  • Spread: 30 - 45 cm (1 - 1.5 ft)
  • Time to full growth: 2 to 5 years
  • Plant type: Herbaceous Perennial
  • Colour: Pink, green
  • Goes well with: Roses. Try by a fence.

About this genus:

Alstroemeria, also know as Peruvian lily, are one of gardening's best kept secrets. They are fleshy rooted herbaceous perennials forming spreading clumps of erect stems bearing narrowly lance-shaped leaves, with umbels of showy funnel-shaped flowers in summer. You may be under the impression they are hard work and not hardy. Well, this is not true - not with the cultivars we have trialed. We have found that some cultivars are tough as nails and often flower from June to November! They are also great as a cut flower - which, along with the long flowering time, might explain their dominance of that industry.

They tolerate a wide range of soils and will grow almost anywhere that is not in total shade. If you think your garden is a bit exposed then plant Alstroemeria next to other bushy plants so they support each other. Looks great with rose bushes or by a fence.