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Lewisia cotyledon Sunset Group

Lewisia cotyledon Sunset Group



About this cultivar:

Lewisia cotyledon Sunset Group form low, fleshy rosettes of tough evergreen leaves, bearing large star-shaped flowers in late spring and early summer. This strain features clusters blooms in sunset shades of yellow, peach, salmon, orange and pink. Originally developed by Jake Drake of Scotland. I love walking past this little plant everyday - we have it in a wall at our back door.

  • Position: Full sun, partial shade
  • Soil: Almost any soil, grows well in Ballyrobert
  • Flowers: May, June, July
  • Other features: Suitable for Container
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy - grows well in Ballyrobert
  • Habit: Mat forming
  • Foliage: Evergreen
  • Height: 10 - 20 cm (0.3 - 0.6 ft)
  • Spread: 10 - 20 cm (0.3 - 0.6 ft)
  • Time to full growth: 2 to 5 years
  • Plant type: Herbaceous Perennial, Alpine or Rockery
  • Colour: Green, white, pink, orange
  • Goes well with: -

About this genus:

Lewisia is a plant genus of 19 species, named for the American Explorer Meriwether Lewis who is credited with the first discovery by a European or American of Lewisia, which was known to the local Native Americans as bitterroot. Local Native Americans ate the roots, which have also been used to treat sore throats. Lewis discovered the specimen in 1806 at Lolo Creek, in the mountain range that became known as the Bitterroot Mountains.

They produce rosette-shaped flowers that may be one of a range of different colours.

Lewisia species are usually planted in rockeries because this mimics their natural habitat. Rockeries also provide the free drainage that Lewisias need to prevent their roots rotting. They are fine in full sun or part shade. We have heavy clay soil in our garden so we grow ours in a couple of walls - it grows in most soils but doesn't like alot of water.

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